Halloween Gift Box (Pre-Orders)

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Forget candy bars send a spooky Pop treat to that pop lover you know this fall! 🎃 Our limited edition Halloween Pops are coming back soon! Boooreo Cheesecake 👻 & Witch's Brew 🧙‍♀️will be returning!!!! Plus we have added 2 NEW flavors: Butter Pecan 🥧, & Cinnamon Apple 🍎. 

About our Fall-o-ween Flavors:

Boooreo Cheesecake 👻 is an ever so indulgent pop that blends cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies with a cream cheese base to produce a delightfully creamy,  chocolatey, rich pop packed with flavor!

Witch's Brew 🧙‍♀️is our take on what a witch with a sweet tooth would brew up in her cauldron.  Starting with an orangeade base, we throw pieces of kiwis, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries into the pop to create a frozen treat that’s fruity, tangy, and inviting to they eye as well!

Butter Pecan 🥧 is a quintessential flavor of the South, and we’ve transformed this classic into a pop! Creamy, sweet, and nutty with a delicious buttery back-note, this pop is perfect for all you pecan lovers out there!

Cinnamon Apple 🍎: this pop combines juicy and tart Granny Smith apples with warm cinnamon to create a creamy pop full of fall flavor and nostalgia.

Friendly reminder: This pop box is a pre-order and will be sent out on October 14th.